Manganneken Pis


If you have any dietary preference/restriction (food allergy, no pork, vegeterian, etc.) please mention it in the form below ! Thank you. 🙂

Manganneken Pis is a tournament of 9 hanchans in two days in Brussels.

When ?

The tournament will take place on May 2nd and 3rd. There will be a social play on the 1st of May. The schedule is as follows.

1st MaySocial Play18h – 22h
2nd May5 hanchans 9h – 18h (subject to change)
3rd May4 hanchans 9h – 18h (subject to change)

Where ?

Salle « Le Malibran », Rue de la Digue 10, 1050 Ixelles

How much ?

The fee is 50€ for non-members and 45€ for our members. Please transfer it to Brussels Mahjong Club before April 17th to confirm your registration ! IBAN : BE64 0689 1021 1752.
To make your registration easier, please mention the following reference : BMC Tournament <your name> <your EMA number>. Lunch for both tournament days is of course included in the registration fee.

Where do I sign up ?

Registered players

1Tine WECKHUYZENBEL02010043Yes
2Julien FOUQUESFRA04160081No
3Joe-Calberson HUYNHFRA04040048No
4Thomas GONSTASBEL02010061Yes
5Marieke VERHEYDENBEL02010033No
6Gerda OORSCHOT, VANNLD08010003Yes
7Eveline BROERSNLD08010028Yes
8Timur HAHNDEU05100153No
9Cédric AGUERREFRA04090080No
10Isabelle BATSBEL02010069No
11Sandra WIJNGAARDEN, VANNLD08010731Yes
12Martin THIEL, VANNLD08010557Yes
13Jos DERMOUTBEL02010039Yes
14Chris DE ROOCKBEL02010038Yes
15Arnaud RENARDBEL02010058No
16Simon Bounkéo FONGUEFRA04090008No
17Anne-Sophie BONNEAUFRA04090090No
18Nathan GERMEAUBEL02010057No
20Rudi KOPMANISBEL02010025No
21Christiane D ANGELOFRA04040036No
22Jacqueline OUDSHOORNNLD08010727Yes
23Yuhao ZHOUBEL02010067Yes
24Olav SOMMERSNLD08010526Yes
25Nehuen PENALOZAFRA04160088Yes
26Sergio MATOS LIMAPRT12990014No
28Valentin COURTOISFRA04310012Yes
29Antoine LIMASSETFRA04990101No
30Arnaud RENARDBEL02010058No
31Ans HOOGLANDNLD08010166No
32Luc DEBRUNFRA04990093No
33Laurent VAMECQBEL02010062No


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