Manganneken Pis


If you have any dietary preference/restriction (food allergy, no pork, vegeterian, etc.) please mention it in the form below ! Thank you. 🙂

Manganneken Pis is a tournament of 9 hanchans in two days in Brussels.

When ?

The tournament will take place on October 24th and 25th. There will be a social play on the 23th of May. The schedule is as follows.

23th OctoberSocial Play18h – 22h
24th October5 hanchans 9h – 18h (subject to change)
25th October4 hanchans 9h – 18h (subject to change)

Where ?

Salle « Le Malibran », Rue de la Digue 10, 1050 Ixelles

How much ?

The fee is 50€ for non-members and 45€ for our members. Please transfer it to Brussels Mahjong Club before October 1st to confirm your registration ! IBAN : BE64 0689 1021 1752.
To make your registration easier, please mention the following reference : BMC Tournament <your name> <your EMA number>. Lunch for both tournament days is of course included in the registration fee.

Where do I sign up ?

Registered players

1Arnaud RENARDBEL02010058No
2Nehuen PENALOZAFRA4160088Yes
3Sergio MATOS LIMAPRT12990014Yes
4Pauline LINDEN, VAN DERNLD08010412No
6Timur HAHN DEU5100153No
7Julien FOUQUESFRA4160081No

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